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Broker Defense

Broker Defense

Defending Brokers and Protecting their License

Tucson real estate brokers must provide buyers and sellers with truthful and full disclosure concerning real estate transactions and properties. The Arizona law firm of Neff & Boyer, P.C. knows that in a Tucson real estate broker defense, the real estate broker's license, reputation, and livelihood are at stake, and our attorneys work efficiently to resolve any concerns. Our law firm aggressively represents real estate brokers being sued or charged with a violation.

How Our Broker Defense Attorneys Help

At Neff & Boyer, P.C. we use our experience and knowledge to defend real estate brokers wrongfully accused of failing to meet their fiduciary duties or other obligations. A Tucson real estate lawyer at our firm knows the various kinds of requirements for brokers, as well as the types of damages and methods of recovery used by plaintiffs when they sue a broker for negligence or breach of fiduciary duty. Our attorneys are familiar with the legal defenses that will best protect the broker's real estate license. We also understand the need to protect the integrity of the real estate licensee, while allowing them to focus on their business instead of being distracted by unwarranted claims.

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As experienced broker defense attorneys in Tucson, we are familiar with licensing requirements. Neff & Boyer, P.C. defends real estate brokers and helps them protect their license, always striving to reach an efficient and favorable resolution. Contact us today by e-mail, or call us at 520-722-8030 for an initial consultation at a flat-fee rate.

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