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Probate and Trust Administration Basics

Probate and Trust Administration Basics

When a family member or loved one dies without a will, his or her assets are distributed through a process called probate. The probate process in Arizona varies depending on the size of the estate and other factors. At Neff & Boyer, P.C., we are ready to provide sound legal advice and comprehensive representation for your probate and estate issues.

If a living trust was created instead of a will, assets will also have to be distributed and final bills paid. This is called trust administration. Even though there is usually no court involvement, there may be questions that come up. At Neff & Boyer, P.C., our lawyers are skilled at answering these questions and quickly solving any problems that arise during trust administration.

From our offices in Tucson, we represent clients throughout Arizona and southern Arizona who face issues concerning estate planning, probate and estate/probate litigation. Our attorneys are adept at handling disputes and offer efficient legal services for families involved in the probate process. We can help alleviate the burdens and uncertainty of administering a loved one's estate.

Probate And Trust Administration In Arizona:
What You Should Know

The probate process (also known as probate administration) is administered by the Arizona Superior Court. Probate occurs when someone dies without a will, and can sometimes occur when a person does have a will.

When the individual has a will, creditors are paid and the remaining assets in the estate are distributed according to the will. When there is no will, the decedent's estate is administered in accordance with the intestacy laws of Arizona.

Not all assets go through probate. Sometimes, assets are distributed outside of the probate process. If a living trust is involved, creditors still have to be paid and assets distributed but there is no court involvement. Problems may still arise. We can help solve those problems.

Our lawyers have experience dealing with all aspects of probate, including probate litigation. We take the lead on resolving the issues of your case so you can focus on your family.

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